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The AMS-39 Snack Merchandiser is a 40 selection vendor that comes configured with 20 selections of chips and pastries, and 20 selections of candy and crackers. Vend a  variety of products without hang-ups because the patented Sensit Vend Delivery Sensor System ensures your customers receive their product or their money back.

AMS Sensit Model 39 Snack Machine

SKU: 36523641234523
  •  40 Selections
    • Capacity: 617 snacks and candies (depending on tray configuration)
    • SENSIT Guaranteed Delivery Sensor System
    • 6 adjustable product shelves
    • Individually priced selections
    • MDB support for all industry standard devices including cash, coin, debit & credit systems
    • Large product display window
    • Easy to use customer interface with large LED display and multiple money acceptance
    • Money Acceptance: MDB coin acceptor; MDB $1, $5 bill acceptor
    • Pricing: Individual From $0 To $99.95

    • Debit and Credit Card Reader Ready
    • Optional Credit Card Reader
    • Home positioning motors
    • State of the art electronics
    • Sturdy steel construction with powder coat painted surfaces for years of service.

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