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This Dixie-Narco Glassfront Combo Vending Machine was made by one of the best vending companies in the industry and is a very high quality combo vending machine. Dixie-Narco is a very popular brand which primarily sells beverage machines.  This machine has been converted from a drink machine into a combo so it can actually sell cold food as well, which makes it especially unique.  It will vend up to 27 different drinks for a total of 243 drinks, including 12 oz. cans and bottles of various sizes. It vends 10 different snacks or entrees for a total of 100 snack items.

Dixie Narco Model 2145 Soda Machine

    • Double-paned glass front
    • Live Glass Display
    • Huge selection of Snacks / Cold Food / Drinks
    • Optional Credit Card Reader
    • User-friendly
    • Made of heavy-duty, durable products
    • Multi-priced
    • Vends cans and bottles of varying sizes
    • Fully programmable
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