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This extensively refurbished Dixie Narco Coke machine is thoroughly repainted. The coin mechanisms and bill validators of these used Coke vending machines are already replaced and reconditioned, and they also come with an outstanding working condition compressor as well. To guarantee excellent quality of our used Coke vending machines, we conducted a thorough factory evaluation before we release our Dixie Narco Coke machines for public purchase. Since our used Coke vending machines are of exceptional quality, it's very hard to distinguish them from brand new Dixie Narco Coke machines.

Dixie Narco Model 501E Soda Machine

SKU: 671253175371
    • Dual depth high capacity bottle vending
    • Modern design merchandising door
    • Large package delivery port
    • Triple-depth high-capacity can vending
    • Simple field conversion to different package size vending
    • Multi-pricing ability
    • Historical and interval accounting data
    • DEX and MDB compatible
    • Automated service diagnostics
    • CFC-Free, Lint tolerant, 1/3 HP Refrigeration System
    • UL/CUL outdoor approved
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