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The National 147 Snack Center looks identical to the new Snack Centers produced until 2010. The differences between the two are hard to see even to the experienced eye. The National 147 Snack Center was and is a very popular model with those in vending trade. It performs well and, with its dual spirals (coils) for each snack selection, seldom fails to deliver products. The candy selections can be easily converted to snack selections by electronically coupling 2 candy selections to run simultaneously (No tools required). It’s an option that really helps tailor the machine's configuration to the location's needs.

National (Wide) Model 147 Snack Machine

SKU: 364215376135199
    • Vends candy, snacks, chips, pastries, gum and mints
    • Sturdy, hard-wearing all steel design
    • This machine is totally refurbished
    • Includes durable tuff front panels and new trim
    • Durable rust proof powder coat finish
    • Selections: 32 snack, pastry, candy, gum and mint selections
    • Comes with 4 chip and pastry trays and 2 candy trays
    • Capacity: 384 items
    • Your choice of rebuilt Mars or Coinco validator and changer
    • Accepts change and $1.00 bills
    • Price labels and instruction manual included
    • New lock and keys.
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